It is our social responsibility to inherit and cherish the traditional "Kogin Sashi" that passed down from our ancestors. Traditional craft is obsoleted unless, it makes money. But, we value the thoughts about that we are being able to do “Kogin Sashi” as a business. We will keep traditional materials and techniques and will continue to connect and pass it down to the next generations.


Company Name Hirosaki Kogin Insutitute
Location Postal code: 036-8216 Address: Aomori prefecture Hirosaki-shi Zaifu-cho 61
Telephone Number 0172(32)0595
FAX 0172(32)0850
Representative CEO 成田 貞治
Capital 3 million yen
Establishment December 3, 1975
Business Contents Manufacture and sale of “Kogin Sashi” products, and planning of folk crafts and souvenirs inside and outside of the prefecture.
Number of Employees 9

◆About Kimura Industrial Laboratory◆

Kimura Industrial Laboratory, which Hirosaki Kogin Insutitute is in, It was a maiden by Kunio Maekawa, a representative architect in Japan, it was constructed in 1932 .
Registered as a Registered Tangible Cultural Asset of the country in June 2003, in the following 2004, it was selected as the DOCOMOMO 100 selection.